Stepho’s Souvlaki Greek Taverna


1124 Davie St, Vancouver




Roasted Lamb



Rav’s Review

So upon arriving we noticed it wasn’t too busy, as there was no lineup in front as I have seen before.  Thus we were seated right away.  We were greeted nicely by the server,  he seemed a lil impatient to me.  Asked us for drinks, and we asked for tea.  He did not however give us a list of what tea’s they had, even though we asked what Herbal Tea’s they had.  He came back quickly with some peppermint tea I believe it was and then left again. 

So we shrugged and ordered our dinner.  When it arrived we enjoyed the presentation of each dish and the fact it was soo much.  Was a little overwhelming.  But after the photo session we began to dig in.

Sponakopita was good.  I enjoyed the flavor.  and a lot of spinach.  Good deal if you love spinach. The Roast Lamb, what to say?  I heard such good things about this lamb.  But once I dug in I felt it was dry and bland. But that was my mistake as I was eating strictly from the middle, once I turned the slab of lamb over and began tasting it from the uneaten side, I had a to rethink my first reaction.  It was tasteful and Juicy.  I just think the middle bit I had was the dry spot so I was unlucky for a few mins.  But was corrected quickly by Shannon’s evil disappointing stare for not trying the bottom as she had eaten all the good stuff from the top. 😛

Overall Good and would go back, and hopefully get a better server then the one we had.

Rating: 7 / 10

Shan’s Review

It wasn’t too busy in the evening at 9pm. We were seated promptly.Service was good. We ordered the spanokopita, roast lamb and moussaka.

The spanakopita was good, typical spanakopita with a generous amount of spinach and feta filling. The roast lamb was very tasty and tender. It came with greek salad, rice and 2 pita breads. The entrees were huge, portion wise so you can see this place’s popularity. The pita didn’t come with hummus though, so you’ll have to order that extra if you want it. The moussaka was served with a cucumber garden salad. Moussaka was good but I found the béchamel on top to be overly heavy and firm. I preferred the lamb hands down.

Rating: 7 / 10


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